Attend A Conference

Feb 19, 2014

Here is my quick appeal to take the time to attend a conference on human trafficking. See who is already working in your local area to abolish slavery and ask how you can help. Flash, a good logo, charismatic speaker is not always an indicator to who is the most effective and not all anti-trafficking organizations know what to do with the average activist. Many organizations are good at sharing what they do and how they need your prayer and money – which is true and good – but many also have a difficult time showing you how you can tangibly help them in the fight for freedom for all. I want to share a local Southern California conference hosted by a women I greatly admire, Sandra Morgan, and the Global Center for Women and Justice out of Vanguard University.

Here is the link to the Ensure Justice Conference: Ensure Justice

Hey – and don’t forget go with a friend. It is always more fun and more likely you will actually do something with the information you gather, if you go with a friend. And finally – let me know if you attend a conference, if you liked the one you attended, and what you learned.