Falling Whistles

Mar 29, 2011

The Congo seems to be getting more press these days and this is a good thing. I have been just scratching the surface in understanding the details on how what is going on in the Congo directly impacts us and how we all – all of us technology using people – contribute to the multitude of problems there. This is why we, my fellow abolitionist mamas, are hosting the organization Falling Whistles at our next event http://www.fallingwhistles.com. Falling Whistles is a campaign for peace in Congo.

What we love about Falling Whistles is their whistle – it tells a story and it gives the story to the person who is wearing it. When we buy a whistle and wear it, we become the voice for that child soldier in Congo. We become the voice for the people who are bearing the burden of living in the deadliest war since WWII. We become the voice for women and girls who are living in the worst place to live as a woman as sexual violence in Congo is more rampant there than anywhere else in the world. The Whistle helps us bridge the geographic limitations that we often use as excuses for not understanding or engaging in finding solutions to global problems.

But why is Congo so deadly? And how are we, the technology loving people, contributing to it when we live so far away? Minerals mined in the beautiful, lush land of Congo is the reason. Today, minerals found in Congo are used in all of our consumer electronics, including our computers and all cell phones, yes, even my beloved iphone. How the global economy operates is often complicated, but is the complexities of the system a good enough excuse to simply go about our lives as business as usual? Or are there things we can do to help, rather than contribute to the rape and pillaging of men, women, and children? I think there are. And this evening is about learning what we can do to begin to be a voice for the voiceless and to begin to make choices that will help the people in Congo. We are benefiting from their pain with the conveniences that come with our bountiful technological gadgets. I think the least we can do is learn about the situation and begin to take simple actions that collectively will begin to bring cultural shifts in how we do business globally.
So join us, at 7:OO PM Monday April 11th at The Cellar (156 Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente) for a short film, guest speaker and great company. All proceeds will benefit Falling Whistles and their efforts in Congo.