Less Than 24 Hours

Feb 25, 2016


In less than 24 hours I leave for DR Congo and Tanzania with One Million Thumbprints. I have feelings of excitement and fear and curiosity. I feel both brave and scared out of my mind. But with all the conflicting heightened emotions, I also feel at peace. I am at peace because I do this as an act of obedience to the God I love and serve. My heavenly Father has so graciously shown up in my life time and time again with both answered and unanswered prayers, friends and family, healing, and even in the darkest of days – He has given me peace and granted me small tokens of joy.

It was not an easy decision for me to say “yes” to this invitation and there have been many dark days my family and I have faced to get me here. But God showed up in incredible ways and brought me peace and confidence I wouldn’t have experienced if all remained status quo.

I know I have asked for financial donations over the past few months, but now that I leave tomorrow what I would ask is two things:

1. Prayer – Please pray for God’s will to be done in each of my team members lives and in the lives of the women we will meet. Pray for peace for the communities we will be traveling to. Pray for health for my team. Pray for safety. Pray for the families we leave behind. And pray for a heart open to be broken and molded so to better forgive and love people God puts in our lives.

2. Act justly – In the next two weeks stand up for someone who needs a friend, give a little extra money to someone who needs it, make a meal for someone who is overwhelmed in life, go visit someone who is lonely, hug tightly someone who is going through a personal crisis, apologize for someone you have hurt, don’t be silent out of fear, send a handwritten note to someone who comes to mind, read books and articles from people who have different opinions than yours, be open to the possibility that your perspective may not be accurate, pray for God to give you eyes to see the hurting of this world and the courage to do something to help.

And feel free to follow along with us at www.onemillionthumbprints.org/blog

Thank you all for your support and prayers!!