Purchasing Power

Feb 4, 2011

We have consumer power to do something. We all buy things. We all buy toilet paper, jeans, coffee, chocolate, wine, cars, pencils, jackets, blankets, jewelry, telephones, computers, books, rice, spices – and the list goes on to things we buy. Because you buy things, the company of the things you buy considers your opinion valuable. They care if you stop buying their product. Because if you stop, they might not make a profit. What if you used this power you had to ask those companies of products you already buy what they are doing to monitor their supply chain and what they are doing to ensure the making of their products are not enslaving someone? You are just asking the question because you decided you do care. You are asking the question because you don’t want to wear, drive, sit, use, or eat someone’s tragedy. You are asking because although you might not be able to fly to the factory in China, Cambodia, India or a state in the USA that is far from where you live to look for yourself the conditions on which the products you love are made, you can ask the question. You have the power to ask the question. And you have the power to decide to buy a product from a company who cares to answer the question or one who does not.

Chain Store Reaction makes asking this question easy. In less than 5 minutes, you can ask your favorite company what they are doing in ensuring that your favorite product is slave free. It is easy. And you can do it from the comfort of your couch or from the Call and Response phone application – C+R. Here is the website: