Real Housewives of OC

Oct 22, 2010

This post is where the writing began. Shayne Moore was in town and had been encouraging me to write about what my local group, San Clemente Abolitionist, were doing. I didn’t know how to begin, so Shayne opened my computer and showed me how to start a blog. The San Clemente Abolitionists had just hosted a large community awareness event where we fly Justin Dillion down from Northern California for a Q and A after showing his film, Call + Response. He wrote about us after the event on his blog. So Shayne, cut and pasted what he had written on my new blog and said, “Here is your first post. Now respond to what he said about you guys. And start writing about the stuff you are teaching your community. More people need to know this.” So here is where the writing about issues surrounding human trafficking and modern day slavery began. I pray these words help in some way others to see how their actions matter in the fight to end human trafficking.