You Can Do Something

Feb 4, 2011

It is bothering me more and more when I hear “Oh don’t tell me! I just can’t hear about it” when the subject of what I am doing these days comes up. I can see the look on their faces drop and their eyes glaze over and I realize that once again, I’m a buzz killer. I’m killing the buzz or the illusion that all is right in the world and everything is just “fine”. I have been feeling really bad about it; it is a lonely feeling at times. But then I convince myself that if people really understood what is going on and if they really believed that there was something that they could do about it, they wouldn’t be afraid of hearing about it. Maybe I’m living in my own illusion thinking that people give a damn about other people they don’t know. Some would argue that I am the delusional one; but delusional or not, I believe that deep in all of us – or at least most of us – is a heartbeat that bends towards the concern for others and not just ourselves. And that what people need in order to feel capable of hearing about the realities of modern day slavery is the confidence that they will be given tools in which to do something about it. Well, that is where I am hoping to come in. I want to be able to give people tools in which they can respond to what they are learning. First, however, people need to get the courage – the mustard seed of concern – to hear about it. Read on and see what kind of tools you can use to respond.

Take 30 seconds and watch this video briefly explaining the chain supply of products we use.